Meetings without meetings


Before tools like Slack and Asana, prepare your team - brainstorm, plan, gather intel, make important decisions and hash it out. Everywhere and anytime!

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Use Shrtct to push your team's thinking forwards.

Keep up your momentum, get the best out of everyone and push your team's thinking forward.

Shrtct boosts team communication and information sharing by cutting out the chit chat, keeping everything in context, and giving everyone the opportunity to contribute.

You’ll meet less and get more done. For groups, it’s great for generating ideas and solutions, solving problems and planning tasks and, for individuals, taking notes, collecting and sharing best practices and lots more.

1. Create a Hash
Outline a goal, question, topic or idea in one central team Space.
2. Gather & Store Info
Drive collaboration and engagement within your team to gather input.
3. Evaluate your options
Discuss each contribution, highlighting what works & archiving what doesn't.
4. Define strategy & tasks
Revise, conclude and move forwards with increased clarity and confidence.

Shrtct is where vision and strategy evolve and hard decisions are made, driving teams forward smartly.

With secure Team Spaces, Shrtct "Hashes", Live Chat, and more.

In real-life meetings, or via modern day, rapid-fire communication tools, people cannot productively talk over each other. This is a problem. It's a problem because the connective tissues of our ideas never find a home. Solutions never see the light of day. Worse, recent research suggests, on average, more than half of all meeting attendees never participate, simply because there is not the time for everyone in a finite strategy session to say their part, present their solution, or contribute the information they've gathered.

Enter Shrtct.

Meetings and team communication in the Cloud, for animals.

Neal Bozeman, CTO
"We need a way to solve development problems and to make business decisions, across 4 continents and 7 timezones. It's so easy to cultivate the best ideas, then get everyone on the same page, with Shrtct."
FFC Ltd.
Harry Marshall, Director
"We’ve often made mistakes trying to move forward too fast without fully considering our options. Now, we plan everything we do on Shrtct - it’s the best tool for evaluating ideas and building consensus."
Shake It Social
Anabella Lazzaro, CEO
"We use Shrtct to gather and store information, from feature suggestions from employees and customers, to research about our next big project. It's so easy to keep everything organised and everyone on track!"