Create a new Space

Lay out your options in front of you

Push your team's decision making and brain storming forward
collaboration - clarity - productivity - engagement

Used worldwide to push thinking forwards...

1. Define your objective
Outline a goal or question and push decision making forward.
2. Invite key stakeholders
Gather input by driving collaboration and engagement.
3. Surface top contributions
Highlight and discuss what works, archive what doesn't.
4. Define strategy & tasks
Revise, conclude and move forwards with increased clarity.

Shrtct is

how you push decision making forward with collaboration
clarity - productivity - true engagement

create a new space to get started

Structure, built in

Relevant, on-topic discussions, comparisons, and debates, accessible to the right members of your team.


Your team, together

Your team or group, together in a central Space. With realtime chat built in for project-based conversations, instant feedback and more, outside of your inbox.