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About Shrtct

Use Shrtct to bring key people together to tease ideas, fix problems and hash out the details of anything you want.

In short, make better decisions using Shrtct.

Shrtct is run by a small, hardworking team who work remotely from various corners of the globe. You can follow us on Twitter here and sign up for Shrtct here.

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We built Shrtct in 2015 while pivoting another startup. We needed a tool to consider all of the ideas on the table and hash out a course of action.

We'd tried using email and other similar platforms, but found it incredibly difficult to keep track of each contribution. An idea would be put forward but, before it could be fully considered, someone's brain would fire and the next one would appear. The main points became fragmented and scattered within long, tangent-filled conversations.

Shrtct was our counter attack against the tangent monster. It was so useful, and we enjoyed using it so much, that we gave it a polish and released it.

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So, I've spent a good deal of time poking around the site the last few days and have a couple questions about it. I understand how creating a private space could be a powerful communication tool for businesses, groups, or organizations; but I was wondering what your vision for the public hashes & public spaces were? Do you envision a Shrtct as a wide open forum where people can create posts/seek input about anything (I've seen hashes about startups, country music, & supplements). Can you create a public space about anything?

This concept seems very interesting & promising...just trying to wrap my brain around it all!


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Me Hi Eric, nice question and thanks for poking about! So, - Public Spaces won't last - this is a legacy feature from our earliest days, and will be removed in the next couple of weeks. At that point, ALL Spaces will contain both Private AND Public functionality. - We envision Shrtct as a communication tool for groups and teams, with most Hashes being shared with either specific individuals or members of the Space (rather than being "Public" and available to everyone). - That said, there are certainly some great use cases for public Hashes. For example, we have a public Hash that enables users to make feature requests/ provide feedback ( We also use public Hashes when we're hiring, to generate discussion around the position and let people show us what they can do ( - Besides Public and Private Hashes, people are using Shrtct just for themselves (e.g. Hashes like "What I learned/ achieved/ need to do today" or "Changelog" or "Questions to ask in my interview" etc) - the star/ archiving features make Shrtct perfect for these types of lists. - In general, you can create Hashes/ Spaces about whatever you like. - We're currently working on some example Hashes, which will appear in new Spaces and show people how they can use Shrtct.2015-11-30 16:27:38 NEW 1
1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Shrtct keeps networks highly engaged. + Consider a space as a high level organization. It's a network, like a community, business, school, church, alumni group, or user/enthusiast group. + Spaces allow pubic facing hashes, as well as internal, private hashes. These can be organized by teams and groups, or open to anyone. Google loves public hashes. + Some themes you can choose from: Make a decision, Get answers to a question, Make a proposal, Make a presentation, Create a log2015-11-30 22:42:46 NEW 1

Question for you - we might use this in beta with our company, and we set up a private space to which we can invite our colleagues.  

When I set up a hash, what exactly does "Public" mean? I wanted to notify my colleague about my hash, so I clicked "public" and started typing in his email address. I saw all these other names pop up... are those all shtct users? How do I make our posts visible to only our company users? "this space only?"

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1001447_10151659735510240_1559269848_n Hi Betsy, public means that your space can be viewed by anyone, even if they are not logged in to Shrtct. In this way, the content you create will get found by search engines. It sounds like you want your Space to be completely private, and only accessible to the colleagues you invite. This can be accomplished by adding their email addresses, or choosing the option that anyone with email addresses can join. Ping me,, with the Space name, and I'll be happy to switch this for you, or you can do it yourself. Just click the "Hamburger" menu (3 blue bars in the top right), and select the Settings icon next to your Space name. From here, change your Space to "Pro Space" under the plan settings, and set your privacy settings.2015-11-13 20:09:39 NEW 0
Me Hi Betsy, just to add to Neal's contribution: - "This Space Only" means only members of your Space will be able to see and contribute to your hash. - "Private" means only select people that you invite will be able to see and contribute to your hash.2015-11-14 08:49:47 NEW 1

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